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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Holy Quran V.4

This is the new update v.4 for "The Holy Quran." I tried my best to solve the missing page(s) issue after finishing download. And many other issues that many people stressed on such move2sd, portrait and landscape viewing, and bookmarking errors.
The code has been optimized for faster browsing and less unexpected shutdown.

Hope you'll like it :D

Medina's update v4.0 :


  1. assalamo 3alaykom,

    Thank you for all of your amazing efforts in getting a working version of Quran for our androids.

    I would just like to say that this is the most stable version so far, and the in general, the quran version you created is the best app in the market.
    God Bless you for all your efforts.

    A simple comment though, in the vertical position screen, the text is actually small because of the borders of the page and title of the page and also the notification bar (app is not full screen) Is there a way that the notification bar can be hidden, and the borders and everything cropped out and the text itself enlarged so that it can take all of the page?
    I believe this would make it much easier to read. :D

    Let me know if you didnt understand my point, I'll supply a pic :D

  2. Firas thank you so much for your comment. I am so glad that this update solves many issues although it still needs a lot of improvement.

    In regards to viewing the text, I am not sure if you are aware of the Zoom function in the app or not, it's main purpose is to zoom in to the page in case the user is running the app on advise with small screen. Cropping the pages means that I have to alter the original page and that is something I will never do even though it is considered not altering the Holy Book wordings still I have no intention in taking that step since I do not have the power nor the authority to do such a thing. I really hope you understand my point.

  3. Thanks a lot for your work ya brother (May ALLAH Bless you and your mother). I waited so much for this update to be able to download it to my SD card. But I downloaded it it start downloading the pages then stuck somewhere in the middle of the process. I tried to download the application from the market and from the link you provided but I'm getting the same error. Can you check what is causing this error
    And, I have one more suggestion, is it possible that you make the bookmark by the Ayah number instead of the page because sometimes I wanna bookmark and Ayah in the middle of the page. Thanks

  4. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that I am using HTC Desire Foryo 2.2

  5. Problem solved when I tried more than one time using the apk file u uploaded. Thanks bro

  6. Dear Khalid

    I understand how cautious you are about the source images, But I am not asking for a change in the Quranic verses (God Forbid!!) All i am asking is removing alot of the decorative space and thus making the text larger and more visible as a full page!

    I am aware of the zoom in functionality, but it kills the reading mood for me... I have to keep moving it every now and then.

    I made a small comparison image i hope you see my point, in the first one, you should also keep in mind the notification bar which i forgot to include (since i did this on paint) but imagine in the 2nd image if you remove the notification bar and enlarge the picture and remove the decorative borders, it would give an easier to read full page, thus making it more enjoyable reading it page by page :D

    God bless you for all your work


  7. Sadly, it crashes on my iGalaxy (Galaxy S) 2.2 android phone!

    However, I think firas1886's suggestion is worth it! You can see the difference in the screenshot provided, and I definitely want to have one without the decoration if it ever worked on my phone!

    I know you might get into troubles if you edit the scanned pages, however, I think you can get the permission by contacting the publishing company of the scanned Quran!

    Another step you might proceed with, which will totally be worth the effort is that you write a quran image parser that would separate words so that zooming would be more flexible and fits the page size of choice!

    Looking forward to see it running on my device! Will keep it installed for updates!

  8. firas and AnxiousNut, I appreciate your comments. Anxious can you tell me more about the reason why it crashes or on what page(s) does it crash. The image parser is like a nightmare that's been hunting me to implement it. I know it's worth the effort but dealing with images on phones is not fun at all due to memory limitation and differences in aspect ratio from on device to another.

    I guess I screwed up the latest update 4.1. Anyway, I am implementing a method to focus on the page without cropping or touching the image and I'll release it later today. hopefully this version will work out for you Anxious.

  9. so how do you find the new update v4.2? does the focus work good on your devices?

  10. I got the update yesterday, but the app doesnt even start, it just force closes

    am chosing to send report but i dont know if you are getting the reports.

    My friends has the same on a galaxy S

  11. Ok i just updated the app again just now, and it is working perfectly :D
    And the zoom in functionality works PERFECTLY!!!! بارك الله فيك و جازاك خيرا و رحم الله والدتك وأدخلها فسيح جناته بإذن الله

    Thank your very very much for this update, it's very readable and its just perfect :D

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  13. assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    i love the new page zoom in Medina quran.

    can you please upload the apps in another sites

    like mediafire.com or 4shared.com in the next time

    forgive my weak english :)

  14. Walikum Assalam,

    Thank you for your comment. I always have links on my blog for my apps. The new v4.4 link is posted up under "Medina's Update v4.4".

  15. Hey there Khalid, the new update DID fix it! IT used to crash one launched, even before the splash screen shows up. However, with this version, everything is working! :D

    However, there is one thing that keeps bugging me, it's the same problem answered in the latest FAQ blog-post; It's that every time I launch it, it keeps downloading the last pages, every time! I did try the delete'n'fix method, but it didn't work! :/ I am not sure what's wrong, but I'll notice where the problem is when I reach to a page that has loading issues! As for now, it's fine! :)

    Got two things to point out as suggestions, first is to change the text of the 'Next' and 'Previous' arrows since they're inverted. When pressing the previous button, it goes to the next page in the holy quran. The second would be to change the bookmark detailed option 'recitation' or 'تفسير', they are linked together, one is when adding and the other is when wanting to continue off. And I'm sure you know that recitation actually means 'تلاوة'! ... Though both are not much of a deal.

    Time to show some gratitude! :) Although I have installed other quran applications, including the one from samsung apps' I only found yours the most readable and comfortable! This is truly the best Quran app, I'm goad Firas told me about it! بإذن الله تثاب على كل حرف أقرأه، أنت و فراس! جزاك الله خير الجزاء و وفقك في الدنيا و الآخرة.


  16. hello anxiousnut. It is good to hear people are liking this app, makes me happy :D
    May Allah reward you for your comment and your work towerds fixing this app and making it available in a better shape for all Muslims.

    In regard to the download issue, I am not so sure why you keep getting the promote to download pages. In version 4.5 I made a miner change in the code so if you are still experiencing the same issue even after upgrading to 4.5, please try to delete at least 100 pages from your app. This must work. Please give it a shot and let me know.

  17. Back with an updates! I tried that, deleted all pages 551-625 which were downloaded each time. Restarted and it started downloading them, when done, I restarted. However, it kept doing the same thing, I keeps redownloading the same content every time it's launched! :/ But here;s something I noticed, if I was not connected to the internet and launched it, it would load the bar as if it's downloading, but it's not and it finishes the whole thing in a second! Not sure what's happening. :(

    Um, and one thing I think would be better is that when deleting a fast-bookmark, it doesn't kick us out of the menu, let it reload the list while we're in it! :)


  18. I am very sorry for what you're experiencing. Please try to delete 100 pages. For example 520-625 should do the trick

  19. That's even worse; now it as to download from 80% and above each time it's launched! :(

    Oh ... there's an update! *Installs update*

    Okay it seems that it's downloading the 6 pages all over again, good! Extraction, LOL, funny messages! XD

    ... Bookmarks are gone! :( ... *restarts* ... PROBLEM FIXED!! :D

    جزاك الله خير