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Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Update for The Holy Quran

I am working on updating The Holy Quran (all versions) to allow move2sd. However PLEASE NOTIFY that this update will work only on android 2.2. So if you have android 2.1 you don't delete your copy assuming this will work on yours.

Release date ... soon :D


  1. Waiting for this update from the very beginning !!
    I will pray for your success in my prayer :p

    but really is app2sd that complicated to do ? ( just asking )

  2. thanks for your comment. It is not about being complicated or not. Android 2.2 is not available on all devices and on top of that on the version you have now move2sd is enabled but for some reason it does not work on all devices !!!

  3. al slam alykom brother khalid may God bless you
    i;m sameh from the islam presentation committee kuwait http://www.ipc.org.kw/english.php
    i would like to help you and Supporting in you greet project ,this my email ideas4islam@gmail.com
    pls contact me as soon as :).

  4. can we download the image of holy quran from PC first and move to mobile phone memory. because in my location the wifi or connection to download image of page quran is bad. and alway disconnect.
    thank you