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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Missing Pages or Mixed Order

For those of you experiencing issues wither either the order of the Holy Quraan pages or missing pages. Here is a quick solution for you.

On version 3.4 you could simply click on FIX then look to the corrupted page and delete it, reboot the app and your good to go.

1. if you have a file explorer app run it and go to your sdcard directory.

** if you do not have a file explorer app, try to find one on the market, I personally use ASTRO and it is FREEEEE :D **

2. Under that you should find a directory called (hQuraan2 or .hQuraan2) .
3. Delete that directory then restart The Holy Qura'an app.

One important thing, before you restart it, you MUST be connected to the internet and allow all the pages to download with no interruption.

4. You should see pages downloading to your phone
5. After it's done downloading you should be able to run your app smoothly.

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Updates

UPDATE: Aug 24, 2010

This link is for the new version 3.4 of "The Holy Quran - Medina"

UPDATE: Aug 15, 2010
This link is for the new version 3.4 of "The Holy Quran - Medina, Froyo"


Holy Quran - Medina Updates:

1. Many people sent me emails regarding missed pages in their app. This occurs due to an error during downloading pages. Thus I added a "FIX" button to the main menu. Make sure you are connected to the internet first, then you will see the download indicator showing all pages being checked again.

2. The new update will include more detailed bookmarking system as well as fast bookmarking (the old system). You can access your bookmarks by clicking on Read Bookmarks on the front page.

3. I had many issues with moving the app to the SD, therefore, I will release a new version that runs only on API 8 and eventually it will be the formal version that I'll keep updating.

Holy Quran - Eng.Ver Updates:
New update will be released to handle mixing pages with the images folder, sorry about this error, my mistake.

Latest update Aug 31,2010