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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quran - Urdu

Quran - Urdu

Due to some requests to publish an Urdu version of the Holy Quran. I published it on the Market and here is a link for those who don't have access to the android Market.
Please notice that this version is adapted from Madina version; therefore, you will notice some pages written in Arabic.

Quran - Urdu v4.4:


  1. There are no urdu pages in that ..... Please help ..


    Jawwad Farooq

  2. Jawwad, I am not sure if you mean you couldn't download the pages or the pages themselves are not Urdu. I don't speak Urdu and I found this genuine version of Quran on the internet and it said it's Urdu; however, I personally found it look so much as Arabic rather than Urdu. If that's your point, please refer me to a genuine source of the Urdu version and I will make sure to replace the copy I have on now.

    Thanks for your comment

  3. Khalid, Great work, May Allah accept yr concern for providing such a great application.

    Brother, I have got only uptill Parah : 18 and no more so pls advise how to get complete pages

    Pls guide me how to install, as I am using HTC-Wildfire

  4. Faisal try to delete the corrupted pages by going to FIX in the main menu. After, you'll need to install those pages (make sure you are connected to the internet before running the app)

  5. Brother Please Tell me that i have android version 4.0.4 and urdu quran is not working. when i open the quran, it try to download but skip automatically. and no pages can download.. please can you give me urdu quran full with pages, so i will download this apk file

    1. This is the same problem which I'm facing. I re-installed it again and again. But still unable to download pages.
      Please share us the attachment for pages. Which we can DOWNLOAD from Computers. or give us the link for full version.
      I also emailed you the screen recording of this app. which can help you to understand our problems.
      And at last I thank you very much for creating this valued App.