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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Holy Quran - El Shmarly

The Holy Quran - El Shmarly ( 3.0)

The Holy Quran El Shmarly version will be released today due to the request of adding this version as an option for those who'd prefer reading it than Al Medina version. I haven't made any changes on my skeleton code, so everything is based on Al Median's version except the pages. If I noticed any issues I will try to fix it asap. Also, if you have any comments on any of my apps please let me know.

HOWEVER, many asked me to move the app itself, not the pages, to the SD Card to support froyo but NO, not now. Maybe your phone supports froyo but not everyone else. Until froyo supports all devices at then I'll upgrade my code to move to the entire app to the SD Card. Until then, pages will remain on the SD Card and the code will go the device memory.

[update] sorry i totally missed the idea that some users don't have the market on their devices. Here is the link to download http://uploading.com/files/7f4ee4e3/shamirly_cquran1.0.apk/


  1. Assalaamu'alaykum Brother,

    Just to clarify things, adding support for FroYo to move application to SD Card does _NOT_ mean that you need to change the API Level. Please read "Backward Compatibility" section of App Install Location docs

    Your application will remain to work for Android older than 2.2

  2. In short, the minSdkVersion is allowed to be different from the build target API Level.

  3. And by the way, I love your works. May Allaah bless you and your mother.

  4. Brother Afriza,

    Thank you so much for your comments. I always ask for comments and suggestions to improve these apps. I read the Backward Compatibility section before and I upgraded to API 8 a test app before but since my phone has API7 on it, I couldn't find it on the market due to the fact that the app (I built and searching for on the market) is a higher level API than the existent API on my device.

    Anyway, I will try to test it again and hopefully I made a mistake before and this time would be better. Trust me, I would LOVE to have it all working from the SD Card too.
    Bottom line, thank you for your helpful comments, and I am glad you like my apps :) May Allah bless you too and your beloved ones.

  5. اخي صور الصفحات ما تطلع
    انا قريت انه فيه حل ياليت توضحه اكثر و اكثر
    عندي جوال ديزاير
    اندرويد 2.1

  6. Brother Abdulrahman are you talking about Madina or El Shmarly version?

  7. جزال الله خيراً أخي خالد وجعل ذلك في ميزان حسناتك
    جاري تنزيل البرنامج...

    أبو عبد الاله

  8. Dear khaled
    Can u make elshamrly for android 1.6

  9. السلام عليكم يا اخ خالد
    لدى هاتف سونى اريكسون ساتيو يعمل بنظام سمبيان الجيل الخامس مثل نوكيا 5800
    الا يمكن ان يعمل مصحف الشمرلى لدى باى طريقة .... وان لم يكن فارجوا اضافة هذا التعديل لانك تعلم ان جميع حفاظ مصر يحفظون على هذه النسخة لانها كانت المنتشرة على مستوى العالم حتى اوائل التسعينات
    وجزاك الله خيرا وبارك فيك وجمعك ووالديك فى جناته

  10. abdulfattah, i'm very sorry, I can't make this app for android 1.6, it has many functions that only supported in 2.0 and above.

    mahmoud, I only program for android, no idea how to make it for Nokia5800, I wish I could tho.