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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Answers to some questions I received about The Holy Qura'an app

Q: Move2SD plz.
A: The app downloads pages to SD, those pages what make the size of the app so big and that's why I moved that entire folder to the SD card

[update] The app can be moved to the SD card now

Q: Could you add audio for some readers?
A: I would like to, but it would make the size of the app bigger than it is now. Also, there are already some other apps have that included. My app is an electronic version of the Holy Qura'an Book.

Q: Why wouldn't it be possible to allow orientation change (portrait and landscape)?
A: landscape would mess the entire view of the pages. Zoom is included to replace the need of having a portrait page that would become bigger (zoomed in) once orientation is switched to landscape.
[update] The app now supports landscape (Soras pages are supported. Main menu and everything else is not).


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  2. according to what you said about move2sd ,Why do I have +10 mb for the phone memory if I remove the app ? the answer is that the whole program size in the phone memory even so the pages are located in the sd card !
    I think there is something wrong , think about it please ..

  3. Omar, thank you for your interest in improving this app to the best. The issue with move2sd is much more complicated than you would think. In version 3.3 I did include the following:
    in my manifest
    ++ android:installLocation="preferExternal"]
    ++ [uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="7" /]

    ++ and the build target is 8

    so technically, it should support Froyo. I even tested it on the emulator, move to SD was active and I pressed it and it did move the app to the SD card, so an official API 8 should such as the one the emulator has should do the same.
    My personal phone has API 7 and that's what I test on, and since API 8 is not official on my phone (Milestone) there is no way for me to test it. Some custom Rom might have that option included but they don't FULLY support it (from what I read). Anyway, I'll keep looking into it and trust me, if for some reason I managed to solve it I will release a new update right away.

  4. Aha, I understand your point .
    Thank you Khalid , you are really careful about your work , keep going ..