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Friday, August 13, 2010

New Updates

UPDATE: Aug 24, 2010

This link is for the new version 3.4 of "The Holy Quran - Medina"

UPDATE: Aug 15, 2010
This link is for the new version 3.4 of "The Holy Quran - Medina, Froyo"


Holy Quran - Medina Updates:

1. Many people sent me emails regarding missed pages in their app. This occurs due to an error during downloading pages. Thus I added a "FIX" button to the main menu. Make sure you are connected to the internet first, then you will see the download indicator showing all pages being checked again.

2. The new update will include more detailed bookmarking system as well as fast bookmarking (the old system). You can access your bookmarks by clicking on Read Bookmarks on the front page.

3. I had many issues with moving the app to the SD, therefore, I will release a new version that runs only on API 8 and eventually it will be the formal version that I'll keep updating.

Holy Quran - Eng.Ver Updates:
New update will be released to handle mixing pages with the images folder, sorry about this error, my mistake.

Latest update Aug 31,2010


  1. Assalamu Alaikum Br.,

    I updated to 3.4 and I'm running Froyo on Nexus One. The app will not allow me to move it to the SD card. I'm even rooted and I have the workaround to enable all apps to be move to the SD card except yours. It says the dev has specifically blocked it from being moved. I'm downloading the Froyo version apk and will try with that. Other app on the market like SDMove also says that this app has been specifically blocked by the dev from being moved to the SD card.

    Can you please look into it? v3.4 is ~14mb and this is residing on the internal memory right now.

    Thank you

  2. O'alykum Alsalam Bro. Melwan,

    I did block "The Holy Qura'an - Medina" version from running on Froyo and released a specific one that runs on API8 "The holy Qura'an - Medina,Froyo". I did that bc many complained they couldn't run it on Froyo even though i had it enabled to move to sd card. Were you able to move version 3.3 to sd?

  3. I tried the Froyo-specific version and it's awesome :) 160 kb on internal memory.

    So, the app in the market is the non-Froyo version cause that's the only version I found on the market.

    Will check your site for Froyo updates then :)

    Thanx a lot Brother Khaled.

  4. Melwan, I am glad it worked out for you. It's supposed to be on the market as well. Actually there is a HUGE bug in this release that I'm trying to solve asap. however, i would really appreciate it if you could help me. I don't own a Froyo mine is API7 so there is no way for me to test my code on an actual device.

  5. Quick update: the Froyo version that I downloaded from your site directly works great. Once it's installed though, the market keeps telling me that there i an updated version when there is no newer version. If I install the market update which does say Froyo in the app title, the SD card thing doesn't work.

    I also tried removing the app all together and re-downloading the froyo version from the market directly, but the SD card feature does not work. Only the version from your website works.

    Regarding helping out, I will be more than happy to do so. Contact me at mohamad.elwan[at]gmail.com

  6. salam alikum
    jazak allah khair
    how can i use tafseer for quran aiat.
    تفسير القران الكريم كيف يعمل

  7. Brother Fahad, there is no tafseer in my apps, sorry.

  8. jazakallahu khair..
    can i download the pages manually from PC. and then copy it to the phone?
    agung.ridwan [aT] gmail.com

  9. السلام عليكم
    في كل مرة يبدأ البرنامج يقوم دائما بتحميل الصفحات إذا كان الجهاز متصل بالانترنت
    رجاء تصحيح المشكلة
    ملاحظة: انا لم أجرب التحديث بعد لكن لا أعلم إن كان تم حل هذه المشكلة فيه أم لا