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Friday, October 10, 2014

ant build failed cannot find build.xml

I formatted my computer and moved stuff around. So now I tried to get back working on Phonegap but I started having issues with the code not compiling. here are the steps I had to do get back on track. 1. install jdk and jrk 2. download android sdk 3. download ant 4. download/install cygwin 5. install cordova using npm 6. setup your JAVA_HOME, ANDROID_HOME, and ANT_HOME in your environment 7. edit the file local.properties to point to the location of your android sdk (in my case sdk.dir=C:\\android-sdk\\sdk) ** NOTES: 1. open cmd terminal, and type ant. If you get build failed then ANT is installed properly 2. if you get (ant build failed cannot find build.xml) then go back to 7 and make sure the link is correct

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