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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Holy Qura'an

The Holy Quraan - Full Version

Upcoming Update 3

I received an email from brother "mohammed24" and he was asking me about the UI and telling me that many people are asking for upgrading its design. This is a message he included in his email from a user on ce4arab
اولا الله يجزا المبرمج خير ووالديه على هالبرنامج الحلو
ثانيا انا قادم من اي فون ومازلت استخدم اي باد فاسمحو لي بهالملاحظة وياليت المبرمج يسمعها
البرنامج شكله مش ولابد
اذا قارنته بالبرامج اللي في الاندرويد هو قمه
لكن لو تقارنه ببرنامج مصحف المدينة اللي على الاي فون
فاتمنا من المبرمج الله يخليه لو يركز على الشكل شوي
والبرنامج له مستقبل قوي
خصوصا اللي يلاحظ سرعة تحديثه
اسف اذا كان تعليقي ازعلكم لكن والله ان هذا البرنامج مهم ياجماعة ماتتخيلون وش يسوي بغير المسلمين لما يشوفونه فلو كان شكله حلو + مجاني + تقييم عالي في الماركت = مسلمين جدد

Therefore, the upcoming update 3 will include an upgrade to all the pages, menu, and also the UI in general. A fix for the zoom and a couple more new features. Just stay tuned ;)

Update 2.2.0 - July 01,2010

Some people will have issues with some pages and that is due to a network error while running the app for the first time. So this update should solve that issue. Also, I might not have explained the Bookmark thing before, but if you hold your finger to a specific page you will receive a message asking to bookmark that specific page for a later time access. Whenever you run your app you could simply go to the menu and select "Read Bookmark" that will take you to your last page you bookmarked.

Update 2.1.0 - June 22,2010

New Features:
- zoom
- menu options, basically to read your bookmarks and read "About"

So what's new in this update? Well, first of all you can zoom in by a click on a page and return by one click by the zoomed image. Second, I added bookmarks as many requested, kinda hidden I know but I find it easier for me this way, code wise. A long click on an image will give you the option to bookmark the current page or not. To get to the bookmarked page all you need to do is just go to Menu and select "Read Book Mark."

Things I learned:
- Making Alert dialogs.
- Creating Menu Elements
- Using both setOnItemClickListener and setOnItemLongClickListener to zoom in and to create a bookmark.

First of all, I have to admit that it took me a long time to finish this app. First time I finished it I tried to upload it to the market but due to the massive size (30M) of it I couldn't. So I had to find an alternative way to get it smaller and loadable.
So, since all Soras are images it would be more efficient to save them on the SD card and downloadable from a URL. Doing that totally forced me to make lots of changes in the app and that's what kept me long till I uploaded the full version.

Things I learned:
1. making directories on the SD card to hold images downloaded from a server.
2. making a progress bar to indicate the amount of data saved.
3. creating a gallery with a String data input array.
4. sorting a list of files.
5. giving permissions to the app

if you are having troubles downloading this app from the market, here it is :)


  1. alsslam ,
    I COULD NOT download

    keep it up bro

  2. Ahmad, thank you for you contact, you should be able to download it either from the market or from this link

  3. In reading The Holy Quraa'n
    fills the emptiness of my life.

  4. crescentimes ... i am happy to hear that :)