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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Official version of Hisn Al Muslim on Android

Coming soon - Update 1.0.6:

This is useful on Android 2.2. Since the size of the file is big, I think it's better if you move it to your SD Card. Again, this functionality will be available in Android 2.2. So once you upgrade to 2.2 you'd be able to move the program to your SD Card.

Also, I am working on optimizing the program and try to make it smaller than it is.


Finally I made it. It took a lot of effort to get this app together since it's my first app ever on android. I was looking for this app on android a while ago just before but unfortunately there wasn't.
I dedicate this app for my, God bless her soul and may Allah forgive all her sins and may heaven and Al Furdaws Ala'ala be where she is now.

I finished this app but haven't reviewed it yet. Please if you found any error or mistakes notify me so I could make the right changes.

I hope you all enjoy it and find it very useful.


  1. This app wont install pn my phone, Not enough space!
    This app. is 36MB!!!
    Please make it smaller.

  2. I am very sorry to about that. The app contains the whole book "Hisn Al Muslim" that's why the size is HUGE, i know. I will try to trim some images and work on minimizing it soon. Visit this blog later and check if there are any updates.

  3. Great work , wish all the best , can you tell me which way u like if i want to contact you directly . because I wish if you will accept my help to improve the UI. if you like you can contact me directly through my twitter profile @binyahia

  4. Hello Ali, you can reach me either here or by email at khaled225 at gmail dot com. I tried to look you up on twitter but I couldn't!

  5. please send a link to people outside the market reach

  6. First thank you for the great word ..
    There is one problem athkar alsabah and almasa not working , I tryed to uninstall it and install it again but still the same,, so please fix it

  7. Agree with Noor
    great app
    But Azkar for Sabah & Masaa not working
    Running Galaxy Note